My dad and I watched Sharknado for the first time. This is what happened.

Me: Wow, this storm is looking kinda fishy.

Dad: Those clouds are looking a little... murky.

Dad: You could cut those clouds with a fin.

Dad: I forgot the main guy's name was 'Fin' lol.

Dad: Don't lose your hammer 'head'.

Me: Looks like they're 'sharked outta luck'.

Me: They're so 'fin'ished.

Me: Looks like people got one 'dorse' too many of sharks.

Dad: I didn't know Fin could fly that 'great white' plane.

Me: New York's got a 'biter' of a storm coming.

*Opening titles start*


That awkward moment, when people ask: Are you a couple?

And you look at each other and wait who’s going to answer first.

- Chattiest (via chattiest)